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Angel Business Suite Says “Life at the Office Doesn’t Need to Be Dull!”

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Angel Business Suite Says “Life at the Office Doesn’t Need to Be Dull!”

September 10, 2015
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According to the Operations Manager at Angel Business Suite 23-26 St Albans Place, London, N1 0NX, “Life at the office doesn’t need to be dull! In fact, you can bring a little excitement and fun to each and every day if you just follow a few easy steps using your five senses.”

Angel Business Suite lets office space to companies of all sizes. “Having watched daily how each of these enterprises operate, it’s easy to see which companies are most likely to succeed at keeping their workers over the long term. It’s all about finding ways to keep the monotony out of the workplace,” he says.

What the Operations Manager has noticed is that some innovative businesses rely heavily on using sensory ‘tricks’ to make them feel as though they are in a happy place. Some use their favourite scents whilst others use visuals of happy times, people and events. Others send quick email messages to others with those little gif emoticons that have happy or silly expressions to share how they are feeling, or would like to feel, at that moment.

In survey after survey it is revealed that at least 70% of today’s workforce just isn’t happy in their positions. Most try to find alternate employment, but this isn’t always easy to do. Angel Business Suite has found that just little things can turn an unhappy worker around to a satisfied team member who will stay for years to come. “I have even seen some get up from their desks and do a little jig!” he says. “Others keep a supply of their favourite tastes such as chocolate or fruit snacks to put them in that ‘pleasurable’ state of mind

The point is, it is important to know how to stimulate the brain’s pleasure centre, the nucleus accumbens in order to send those powerful and instantaneous surges of dopamine to the body. If you can accomplish this with sensory ‘tricks’ that simulate a pleasurable experience, you will be so much happier at your job and much more efficient and productive.

Can you actually tell yourself you are happy at work? “You bet you can!” he emphatically states. “Try it and see just how easy it is to turn your mind-set from lethargic to energetic. It really works. It only takes knowing what makes you happy to simulate a happy response.” As a successful enterprise themselves, Angel Business Suite can attest to just how effective these little tricks can be. If you don’t believe them, try it! You’ll see for yourself.