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Angel Business Suite Explain How Steve Jobs Helped a Generation of Entrepreneurs Learn to 'Dream Bigger'

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Angel Business Suite Explain How Steve Jobs Helped a Generation of Entrepreneurs Learn to ‘Dream Bigger’

October 10, 2015
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With the upcoming release of the movie biopic of the life of Steve Jobs, who will be played by Michael Fassbender, a lot of people are revisiting what was so special about him as an innovator and entrepreneur. Apple may still be one of the world’s biggest tech brands, however the company certainly seems to have lost some of its edge without the visionary ideas of the man who made black turtlenecks into acceptable business attire! Here, the operations manager of the prestigious Angel Business Suite managed office facilities at Angel Business Suite, 23-26 St Albans Place, London, N1 0NX, talks about how Steve Jobs inspired so many entrepreneurs to become innovators rather than mere business people!

“Steve Jobs brought a really unique way of looking at things to the table that had a big impact on all kinds of brands. He famously offered the advice to the people responsible for the Disney Store chain to ‘dream bigger’, and I think that really sums up his philosophy. With that advice in mind, they changed the Disney Store from just being an oversized souvenir and merchandise outlet, to a place that was actually an experience to visit – bringing a lot of the magic and wonder children associate with the brand to life. People never expected that in a shop, but they added a touch of what makes the Disneyland theme parks so fun to a retail space, and it worked brilliantly.” the operations manager at Angel Business Suite explained.

It is easy to see the influence in the design of Apple stores, too. Apparently Steve Jobs didn’t ask the  normal questions when he was working with his team to design these now iconic retail places – he didn’t think about where to place accessories so people would be more inclined to impulse buy them and so on. Instead, he asked how he could reinvent how people think of shops, and he drew inspiration from hotels rather than other tech retailers. At an Apple Store there is a concierge, and a ‘bar’, and you are greeted at the door. Whatever you think about Apple products, you have to admire his innovation.

Jobs is certainly missed in the business world, but there are plenty of leaders who were inspired by his way of thinking and continue to try and apply innovation to everything they do.